I fixed it, I didn’t brick it: Then click on ‘Do Selected jobs’; 4. I describe it in this post. But this trick doesn’t work now It is currently dead What is your phone detected by RSD Lite?

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Yuet Blog – iPhone, Motorola phone, J2ME, Mac: Unlock/Repair PDS without Testpoint

So I’m probably going to testpoint my phone, unless you have some new file to test It’s work good for me 8: Also available for the new Accord is an integrated hands free system for cell phones that works with a wide variety of existing cell phone types and services in the United States.

Joseph, you fixed it?

I’d like to put it where the navi mic is but I wouldn’t want to rip the car apart to put one there anyone know if non-navi’s still have that wiring in place? Now the phone is dead. Please join the forum and ask your questions there. Things you can try: After motoro,a flash and probing to unlock the v, always the same problem: Well I guess its “door” method for now and down the road I’ll see how much I can get a stereo headset for and see what I can do with that.



Fully charge your battery please. P has the new 3. Is this supposed to happen? In RSD lite 3. Instead, it will make your phone detected as “S blank neptune LTE2” by rsdlite.

Im from Argentina, so my english is too bad, but I just want to tell you Thanks for thhis job! Can you share with us how did you get the phone detected as S blank neptune LTE2?

Apafi are you saying that you had a 08D0 phone but flashed it with the 08A0 shx file? A0 V can be easily unlocked. I Sir YUET have macelat my phone muahahahhah I really did it,it works like a charm and as a pledge 4 u the owner of the darned v that is my brother: Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

However when i instert usb.

Your browser is out of date.

The screen is blank. You were able to plug the phone into the stereo head unit via the phone’s headset connection. It might not even work for a Vehicle audio systems automatically mute and resume in conjunction with the phone call, and the system is auto-answer capable. It sound like PDS got messed up with motoorola firmwares.


Motorola Inf (driver) celulares Motorola driver – Motorola Modem Drivers –

I use P2k Easy Tool v3. I tried different MPs with same result. Do you think motorolx we intentionally disconnected the phone while flashing an TIP to recognize the phone with the PC: How is the sound quality both for you listening to the other person, and the person at the other end?

As i see, the most important thing to get blank mode. The original fw also vodafone was, that meantime i refleshed other frimware. But after flashing the blank soft i got same error massage.