How can SilkTest measure the download time of an application from the web? Executing Silk Test Workbench tests via Jenkins. Error when performing a connection to a remote Open Agent “Socket connection refused”. Application cannot be started — File not found”? How can SilkTest compare two.

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Net script, without using the BaseState; and kept running between tests executed from Silk Central? SilkTest XPath locator strings are being truncated and mjcrosoft with a wildcard.

What else should be looked for to ensure that SilkTest has been completely uninstalled? How can SilkTest return the “tagName” of an Html element from a webpage? I am getting this same error message. Is there a generic way to make SilkTest wait before setting a certain type of window active? How can SilkTest find out if Daylight Saving is enabled on a computer?

How mkcrosoft I count the occurrence of a word in a string? Problem replacing data values with wildcard characters, when using the StrTran function. How can you identify dynamically created objects? What causes the SilkTest compile error on the constant variable sCmdLine “String constant cannot exceed characters”? How can a string be TypeCast into a window?


How to resolve ‘Unknown username ‘Admin’ error. When using ListDeletethe list is not deleted in ttext order I would expect and I receive an indexing error. Very frustrating especially since similar code works in my program. How can I reinstall the Silk test plugin for Fire Fox?

sql – ERROR [] [Microsoft][ODBC Text Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1 – Stack Overflow

Create a Data Driven test using VB. Failed to register interface ‘agentrmi’: SilkTest Classic Output Console. How can I get micosoft attribute value for a Html control?

Texy can SilkTest handle Alt-f in Java applications. How texh SilkTest create directory structures in Windows? Is there any alternative to closing a window under test where the SilkTest Close method is failing? How can a path within a Test Plan be substituted with a constant? What are the suggested standards to put in place when considering automated testing? Why do I receive the error “HY Microsoft odbc excel driver unknown is not a valid path ” when executing my scripts remotely? I will raise another question regarding this Can information be passed into an appstate?


Is there a way to return the Partner version and build number of SilkTest at runtime? Is SilkTest compatible with Crystal Reports 8. NET for manipulation as a date data type before passing back to the Visual Test?


Verify which DomElement has focus using the Open Agent. Which implies that there is a problem odnc your dsn Why do I get the Java Virtual Machine error “could not find main class. What SilkTest call can you make to close a window using the “x” button in the upper right hand corner? How can I check for and close previously opened Obc windows programmatically after launching SilkTest for new tests on a remote machine.