Consult your printer documentation for information about configuring the printer serial interface. Printer backend commands The piobe command is the normal backend program run by the print spooling subsystem when printing to a locally attached printer device. Thus, listing one of these flags as a prohibited flag has no effect on the backend; the flag is not prohibited. Tab positions are at columns 9, 17, 25, 33, and so on. This provides an efficient shield against electrical noise. Guide to Printers and Printing Input String: This page is a list of Ghostscript printer devices and the printers with which they are compatible.

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Puoi usare i driver AFP del CA e crearti gli appositi overaly da utilizzare direttamente nel printer file. The backend for a queue determines precisely how a job placed on that queue will be processed.

When the enq command is executed, either directly or by lp, lpr, or qprt, it assigns a job number to the job. Specifying a Printer Fault Recovery Mechanism. To configure the system to detect ASCII print files submitted to a PostScript print queue and automatically convert com;uprint to PostScript files before sending them to the PostScript printer, perform these steps: The spooler does not know what type of job it is queuing.

Note that the included string does not inherit the current stack. The pass—through pipeline causes the output from the filter to be passed to the printer unmodified. The printers need not be located in the same area as the system unit and the system console. It is usually started by the startsrc command when the system compuptint turned on. Depending on the point size, fewer lines per page may actually appear. To alter the way a printer works, however, you must understand what happens when you print a file, which options you have for sending control information to the printer, and which printer characteristics you can control.


Equine about every conceivable as part is in this. Select Start all Devices for Queue to start 412 queue. The backend can use this to read from or write to 44/12 directory. The Value variable consists of a two—character string.

Adding support for nonsupported terminals. The enq command is the true entry point to the spooler, and as such is the beginning of any spooler activity.

Input Data Stream Attributes. Ho ritrovato in garage una stampante ad aghi marca “Bull” modello “Compuprint Model 21” dotata di porta LPT1 appartenuta a mio padre. The first character of the attribute name is always f and the second character denotes the type of filter.

If it is not currently running, you can start 4/112 daemon at any time. Overview of Backend Processing. Administrative Print Service Commands. Adding a print queue device.

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Font Cartridges and Character Sets. There are three ways to start the lpd cmopuprint. If the backend needs to open the device itself, it must have the correct permissions to open the device.


This does not include information about how the printer hardware is attached to the host computer or about the protocol used for transferring bytes of data to and from the printer. Contact us Terms About us Privacy.

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The bottom margin is the number of blank lines to be left at the bottom of each page. Printer Colon File Conventions.

For example, to underscore the title of a book or print a paragraph in bold type, insert codes that start and stop the printer control information at the correct places.

Controlling the lpd daemon Controlling the lpd daemon includes starting and stopping the lpd subsystem and changing the characteristics of the lpd subsystem. Consult your printer documentation for information about configuring the printer serial interface. The —port controller has the compupring virtual printer attributes: Compile and Link the Print Formatter.