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This email is in use. Only use the 64bit DLL driver package if you intend to develop 64bit software, since the 32bit demos or application will not work with 64bit drivers, they only work with 32bit drivers even on a 64bit Windows! Defects must be reproducible, or they must be indicated by computer output. The DLL files in question are: After that uninstall the CAN driver and install the latest driver version from our website. You should provide more information about the problems like compiler errors and error codes returned by functions when the programming is running.

CAN interface card / USB / for IPC – CANpro USB Embedded – Softing Industrial Automation

It could be an executable, picture or a story. There is source code etc. Treat my content as plain text, not softibg HTML. To create a console application using a 3rd party DLL: The transferee of softint one-time transfer must agree to comply with the terms of this license agreement, including the obligation not to further transfer the right to use. This package is not the same full blown driver package as delivered with Windows, it is more a sample source code package on how to get started and install the CANUSB under Linux and send and receive frames using the D2XX driver.


Copies may not be made for any other purpose and ALL copies cxnusb must be destroyed after the completion of the evaluation or expiration of the term of this Agreement. How to detect Soft Keypad in Android.

You can download the latest driver files here. More details can be found in your privacy policy.

Non server-based Inter-machine communication using C. Your cookies can be disabled at any point. Hi Jochen, Below are errors from the compiler: We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. It is impossible to help without such information. We are member of the following associations: They are usually installed in the following directory:. Understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar.

This error indicates a USB communication failure. In case you are using an USB Interface then please unplug it and reboot your system.

Softing CANpro USB

It works like charm. The use of a USB hub may also help to solve this problem.


This terminal software is nice in the way you can see non printable characters. Please check your USB cable.

To do it enter in a DOS box: At this stage you can use the boot block update tool. Use our contact form in our webshop to get in contact with us. Copy it to a different directory for e. Check with 3rd socting companies. Imprint Privacy Policy Company Details.