Nevertheless, I found someone has made an unofficial Service Pack 4! Ensure that your first partition has a Free space preceding of 1 MiB to ensure the partition is aligned to the 4KiB boundary. July 20, at Thank you for the suggestion. My keyboard stop responding. This window indicates your Setup process is coming to an end. We shall use a partitioning tool called GParted to do the job.

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It might be better to disconnect your Win7 hard disk during the XP installation process as the XP installer might corrupt the Win 7 bootloader. Ensure that your first partition has a Free space preceding of 1 MiB to ensure the partition is aligned to the 4KiB boundary.

It was also a good way to relive a bit of my childhood that way. Go to the “Device Manager”, there go to the device entry marked with a question mark “Mass Storage Controller”, right click it and select “Update Driver But where is the fun in that?

DriverPack LAN for Windows /XP/ (x86) — drivers overview |

Soon after I tried and wixp turns out all is working well no problem in the XP installation processI will try to follow your cnipset suggestion the EasyBCD things. Thank you very much for your article. I happily used the VBE 3 version and am happy to report that things are much improved. Any kind of respond would be greatly appreciated.


This was a common problem even during the heydays of Windows XP.

The problem

Taking a risk, without following your instruction to check via Gparted to make sure that my Win7 hard disk is MBR — after I read from the internet, I format my second hard disk within Win7 from Disk Management and choose the default allocation unit size.

Not as good as one by the manufacturer itself as there is no hardware acceleration but still much better performance than no driver at all.

January 2, at This installs the Nvidia GeForce Go driver. Disable Security Centre 88r8036 avoid being irritated by updates and antivirus alerts that are no longer applicable.

Enable Cleartype for screen fonts as they display chopset on LCDs. Legacy non-UEFI by default. You should see the above if everything is done properly. I mean, from bios I will select where to boot ….

Video Without graphics drivers, the video performance of the OS will be very sluggish. It is some kind of temperature sensor. The problem I work in a startup called Algoaccess where we deal with medical devices specifically optician-related ones.

Installing Windows XP on a modern unsupported (Haswell) system in | YKM’s corner on the web

So the installation process started filling the virtual disk VDI with the contents of Windows but then somewhere within the devices section switched to a bluescreen. This is a legacy from the Windows 3.


Thank you for the suggestion. I write this post now within the Win7 OS running from the Seagate.

Even better still, some BIOS allow you to dynamically select the boot order at bootup by pressing a hotkey like F This leaves Mozilla Firefox which is still supported for XP.

June 11, at March 11, at Your BIOS settings must take care of these limitations. Go to the “Device Manager”, there go to “System devices”, there right click “Unknown device” marked with an exclamation mark and select “Update Driver There is no repercussion at all vhipset you follow my instructions to use GParted to format a drive that is not using Advanced Format.

We have to convert them to MBR.

My keyboard stop responding. Download older version of nLite 1.