So what are the best Overstable drivers? Final Thoughts While you may think that only professional players should use overstable midrange discs, I would argue that most players could find some use for this type of disc in the right circumstance. The Innova DX Roc3 is an overstable mid range driver. You can even throw flex shots and forehands with this disc. We love what we do!

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Discs rated -5 to -2 make good roller discs and are considered understable. Only overstable mid I use, only overstable mid I need. This legendary bird remains a classic and, as illustr…. It is one nest Innova’s most popular upwind drivers that works…. Even into a headwind, this dis…. The rim of this disc is what makes is so awesome because it is so comfortable.

They gave the legendary Roc a low profile and hefty rim to crea….

The Best Overstable Midrange Discs

The Tremor holds true for straight to anhyzer lines. Check it out on Amazon.

Although this disc golf driver has a wide rim, it is also relatively easy to hold and throw both backhand and f…. The Innova Star Boss is bezt overstable distance driver. The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as well as a variet…. Innova Cobra, King – Champion.


Innova Destroyer – Star. A great disc for straight, control drives that really sail! Drivers Innova Leopard – Speed: We also fully support Infinite Discs and the customer service that they provide and would do so even without any affiliation.

Beginners that struggle to keep fairway and distance drivers in the air will want to get their hands on a JLS. ggolf

Discraft Surge — The flight pattern of the Surge is very similar to the Wraith, and so are the rankings. The Innova DX Roc is an overstable mid range disc and is the best, most versatile mid range Innova makes.

For more information on top overstable distanced drivers, check out InfiniteDiscs. Get your hands an excellent overstable midrange disc made by westside. Find all posts by Mr Mirth. Loudoun County Years Playing: The Innova Star Spider is a stable to beest overstable mid range driver.

It is a very fast disc golf disc with significant glide. Innova AviarX3 – Star. Innova Gator3 – Champion – Limited Edition. If you have the muscle over ft power this is a must have disc. Innova Destroyer – Pro Driver Dyed.


Innova Overstable Discs

Here are some specialty putters we recommend:. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Since then, David Wiggins Jr. The Leopard by Innova is a classic straight flying fairway driver, great for tailwind, anhyzer, and roller shots.

Top 15 Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

The Magnet is a stable flying disc with a slower speed and a consistent mild fade at the end. The flight path of an overstable disc also tends to be more predictable. Beginners with lower power and arm speed will find the Spin to be a very straight flyer, as well as a great disc to learn how to turn off the tee pad.