The rule of thumb is that the tougher the game, the heavier the arrow should be. They are no frills high-quality arrows that offer performance in spades. Features When you build your own arrows, you get to choose which kind of fetching to use, whether you have a right-hand or left-hand spin, what kind of insert, whether or not to use lighted nocks. All times are GMT They shed wind easily and penetrate better than just about any arrow in the market.

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I will comment further as I get to shoot outside more. Yes, my password is: There are tons of decisions that go into the arrow weight and each manufacturer makes recommendations on how heavy it should be. Killed my buck last year with the Maxima Hunter s.

Carbon Express vs. Easton FMJ’s

Each has its strengths and weaknesses. It might be going fast but it sv energy fast too. Carbon Express” i shoot the maxima 3d select.

However Easton suggest you do a 1″ been to ensure the carbon hasn’t separated from the metal jacket, mainly after a few arrows have already blown up on people.

Toughness of the arrows, especially at the insert, is important.


I have never shot a piledriver, so I can’t say one way or the other. Make sure you have the correct spine.

The 4 Best Crossbow Bolts Reviewed & Revealed ( 2018 Hands-on Guide )

The ideal thing that you can do before investing in a set of arrows is to do your research then buy the leading quality that you can get your hands on. Piledriiver would recommend them as they have grouped as well as any other arrow I have shot out to 65 yards.

Might have to give the maximas a try! Same draw weight and length.

fmj vs. piledriver????

And never forget the crossbow hunting basics! This helps you judge where you made your shot by taking a sample of the tissue it passed through.

Carhon kind of a funny way of solving physics problems but really not too relevant in archery in my opinion. Same concept as a wiffle ball vs a tennis ball. Six bolts for hunting and another six for practice is plenty.

Force after impact is what is important. Don’t really see much of a difference in the two.

Haven’t been able to pilfdriver one on an animal yet, but they have withstood a good beating practicing and I think they have held up well. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Having choices is always good. Fkj might also want to check our article on how to shoot a crossbow. If you use the wrong arrow with an incorrect spine, then one of two things can happen: That said, I do shoot FMJ’s.


The 4 Best Crossbow Bolts Reviewed & Revealed ( Hands-on Guide ) – Outdoor Empire

I did give a serious look to the Pile drivers though, caebon seem to be pretty good. Was curious of the piledriver staightness, in person, accuracy, 60, 70 yds, w broadheads?? Carbon Express does make a heavier arrow than the Maximas. Bill in MI Feb Messages in this topic.

I use the piledrivers and ahve put them through soem pretty easyon game including lagre boars and scrub bulls. Essential Aspects to Consider Materials There are three main materials that crossbow arrows are made of: The reason being if your arrow has enough momentum to cut clean through the animal that’s all you need.

I use piledriver extreme pass thru my buddy uses FMJ.