In order to unlock an encrypted volume, you will need to use the original plain-text password. Sorry, do you mean that the laptop in question is protected with FileVault and you need to recover the password? After the encryption is completed the info about the disk will describe the format as Mac OS Extended Journaled, Encrypted. Mine is 17 digits, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols, randomly selected. I do not have Thunderbolt interfaces on either of my Macs. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I am trying to use a mac mini running

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This is great news! Most of us know somebody that has lost a computer due to theft or carelessness and this carries over firrwire external drives or USB flash drives. I need to access my bookkeeping!

Encrypt External Drives with Mac OS X Lion’s FileVault 2

Imagine losing an external hard drive or flash drive. October 18, at 2: An appropriate cable to make the connection.

There is also an additional unlock method available called Institutional Recovery Key. Skip to primary content. What if something happens to you?

Encrypt and protect a disk with a password using Disk Utility on Mac

Unless you enter the proper password, it will not mount. Once Disk Utility is open click the partition that you want to change then click “File” and and “Change Password”.


If the Mac has a firmware password set, it will not be able to enter Target Disk Mode. While you can still use the traditional route to encrypt disks through Disk Utilityfrom modern versions of MacOS and Mac OS X the process is streamlined directly into the Finder and desktop, making it easier and faster.

Although this article is about encrypting external drives, I know somebody might be wondering about my choice of drives.

How Do I Change Password On Encrypted Ext… – Apple Community

May 8, at 3: You have to opt-in. Click on the image for a larger filevaulf at flickr. Bad timing on the cable. This is the simplest way to start up a Mac in Target Display Mode; it will work with any Mac that has a functioning keyboard.

Be prepared to wait a bit for anything larger than a few GB in size, as the general encryption-to-GB time ratio seems to be about 1GB per minute. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Mac OS Forensics: Attacking FileVault 2 | ElcomSoft blog

In order to unlock an encrypted volume, you will need to use the original plain-text password. MacOS Xtips and tricks. Use a startup keyboard shortcut: Just sign out of any authorized software before making the transfer.


Choose a custom size. This is especially true if the computer was used in a household with kids who tend to use much simpler passwords. These recovery keys are created when system administrators enable FileVault 2 encryption with FileVaultMaster. As I said in my reasons for using FileVault 2, I have ecryption lot of information that could be easy to abuse by somebody who would steal or find and not return my computers or devices, especially financial information, or information that I would not be comfortable with them having.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. The application is in the folder that opens. This is similar to the first item. Will this affect how Time Machine backs up my files?

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