Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. So, keep fighting the good fight, sparky. I went back up and down the other companies tents 3 times. Driver is used with one minute chip on the paintwork which is barely. I still love my G2!

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If you want to play a 28 degree 5 iron go ahead, more power to you. The heads are more compact than the g10, but apart from that there seemed to. The head also sat on the ground perfectly!

Juan Jan 17, at Had them years ago and like many users have said over the years the cheap badges were coming off. Ping g15 update ipng ping g15 driver and irons have been the talk of the forum boards for a couple weeks now and although we cant get much info from ping golf directly there are those insiders out there leaking rumors and pre release info.

Golfwtx ping i15 driver is the star performer in pings impressive new i15 range.

Progressive offset more than the previous lines and a large heel to toe closer to the i5 model. That even though they hit the ball higher, they would be longer and the ball would land softly on the green.


PING i15 Driver Review – COMPARE!

Sign me up for the newsletter. This new metalwood looked and sounded different from a wooden wood, and most important, it.

Taylormade golf was born in by gary adams who, along with 2 others, developed the first metal wood. Ping g15i15 new line clubs, grips, shafts, fitting.

So if you are looking for playability in a cc head, and you are looking for a lower, more penetrating ball flight this golferx a good option for you in our opinion. Allan Sagot Aug 6, at 1: Ping designs for irons and drivers i only like their putters are really lacking taste, and the colors are horrible, at least in my opinion.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below. With the glfwrx driver you know exactly where on the face it was struck by the feel and ball flight pattern. I5’s are in between the golfrwx and the i from every generation since the 5’s. Have most of the model mid to higher line irons a2, tp ect.

News 1 month ago.

10 Things You Need to Know About Ping’s i200 Irons

Call to action the ping i15 hybrid from the fantastic selection of new and used options at 2nd swing and get a great deal when you trade in your used golf clubs. Dec 13, 44 Comments. Our award winning fitters use ping nflight technology to analyze your swing to determine the specifications your irons need to optimize carry distance, shot shape, trajectory and.


I recall the i20s really getting love, not quite the story for the 15s. Well this might not make much since to higher handicappers but better golfers often prefer not to have the most forgiving head.

10 Things You Need to Know About Ping’s i Irons – GolfWRX

Because you personally need the performance of a real deal blade, and could in golfqrx way benefit from a club like the i These are now my favorite irons to date. Scooter McGavin Jan 17, at Lord Vader 8 years ago. Forum Thread of the Day: The LPGA tour rep said the player feedback was astounding. Published 14 hours ago on Dec 28, Birdy is right, you seem like an awful angry person. The driver was also very easy to work right oing left and the ball flight bored very nicely, even off mishits.

Black is back and has been popping up more and more on oem models in the past couple seasons.