Two frame-to-shield grounding straps should be attached. Then, something magic happens in the black box of the option card that then causes the Wheelwriter to start typing. Not logged in Create account Log in. Print a test page. Maybe we could replay certain commands?

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Forget modern printers, with their horrifically expensive ink, incomprehensible error messages, and exceedingly complex drivers. Of course, this method requires the user to enforce their own character limit on each line, or the typewriter will run off the paper.

Not logged in Create account Log in. Unfortunately, it was also expensive at the time, and remains rare to this day. If it works, wait for it to finish, then click Next.

It uses a different connection wire than the WW3, probably black. Maybe we could replay certain commands?

IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter Typewriter Printer Option

Type in a name for the printer: Wait for the parallel device to be installed completely. Like a daisywheel printer, simply toss text at this typewriter via the parallel port, and it will print text. Perhaps a Markdown-based print script can be produced. If you need them, I can try to design a model to print on a 3D Printer.


Then, load paper into the typewriter. Note that newer machines sheelwriter not need H. Quite an unwelcome blast from the past. On the other hand, the user has full control over the text sent to the typewriter, and it responds immediately. Categories Pages with broken file links. A major pitfall may be IBM’s own proprietary defenses against reverse engineering.

Wiki tools Special pages Cite this page Page values. It uses a white connection wire than the WW5, which is black, so even though the casing is the same, the option cards aren’t. Retrieved from ” https: When it takes aheelwriter minutes to print with previous models, that’s quite an improvement.

Page actions View View source History Ibmm. At the top right toolbar, click Add Printer. Helpfully provided by Jim from Typewriters. Plug in the cable into the Wheelwriteer PC. This will enable Printer Mode. Try to do some signals intelligence and figure out which commands do what, by hacking in to the connection between the Printer Option and the Option Card.


For modern computer enthusiasts, the Centronics Port can still be hooked up to modern computers via USB, using adapter cables: The typewriter will immediately print text. Now you can print your documents to the typewriter in a snap!

Wheelwriter | Hackaday

Why should anything be more difficult? These Wheelwriters supports printing backwards, cutting the printing time in half. The Option Card case just clips on the back, and then you attach the cable to the slot covered by a case flap on the top left. Output Card to Wheelwriter Then, something magic happens in the black box of the option card that then causes the Wheelwriter to whelwriter typing.