Use the irw program to see whether LIRC and your remote are working before going any further. However, some of these modules are part of the staging drivers and might not be available on your system. To do this, read the documentation on the irrecord application that comes with LIRC. Using mode2 will show all pulses and is a lower-level lirc testing tool than irw. Please check out these diagrams for information and schematics about how to wire everything up: If the module exists but isn’t loaded you might need to load it manually using modprobe 1.

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It can be changed by providing an optional parameter to the –listen switch. Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any trouble while running through these steps. Each instance must have unique –device–output and –pidfile options. Resolving this requires recompiling the kernel drivers with different names and device numbers. You cannot transmit through a receiver or receive through a transmitter.

Configuration guide

The lircd-setup script which by default is run before the lircd service runs this setup code as root. Unless there is reason to use licr above this is probably the way to go.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. If your distribution includes an outdated version of LIRC, you may need to build it yourself. Unfortunately, the driver list does not provide information on the device which should be used for a particular driver. The contrib directory contains a file lirc.


It must also use standard key symbols from the namespaceii as described above. To install the file it should be copied to the lircd. So, while the kernel built-in handling works out of the box in many cases, there are still scenarios when LIRC is the right tool.

The format of the file is documented at http: Even if you obtain the configuration file without using lirc-setupyou can still use it to verify the configuration.

The –repeat option should only be used if no other program or udev rule is automatically setting up key repeat parameters. There are some tools to aid in the configuration listed in programs overview.

LIRC – MythTV Official Wiki

The comments are about buttons which havn’t found a use, and capabilities in the program vlc which are not bound to a button. Some devices are created as accessible only by root.

These should be made accessible using udev rules. LIRC is a software package that gives your computer the ability to send and onput infra-red remote control signals when combined with appropriate hardware.

You can enable logging for lircd with the -L option.


Besi 1 6 Email Required, but never shown. Since devices in Linux are handled by udev this is lifc by udev rules. If you need to use an IR blaster to change channels on a set top box you may have to use LIRC, since there is no built in support in Linux for those.

Setting up a remote control using lirc – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Lines beginning with ” ” are ignored. Besi thank you so much. Some links to build such:. Remote controls that work by keyboard control, either using a keyboard emulator or built inpt drivers using evdev are preferable.

To use any remote control receivers connected directly to a bttv based TV card you will need a working bttv setup in your kernel.

You may have to send a Select key press after the channel number. This might become necessary if the running kernel lic different from the one used when packaging the lirc files. There is also some trouble shooting advice in the RaspberryPi Forum thread I linked to above.