The drive will not induce any voltage line notching distortion back to the utility line and maintains a displacement power factor of not less than 0. Parameter settings are checked whenever power is applied to the drive, or upon exiting Program mode. NOTE In the descriptions of Mode 1 thru Mode 4, the external terminal listings differ depending on whether the drive is set for 2-wire or 3-wire control. Up to 50 parameters may have data stored as their new user-defined initialization value. See Appendix 1 for listing of U 1 – X X parameters. It should be decreased for a vibrating condition under heavy loads, and increased for hunting under light loads. Ground Fault Provided by electronic circuit.

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This selection can be delayed by programming d 5 – 0 6 for a delay time. BCD 1 Hz 7: As long as the HOLD command is present, accel and decel are in a prohibit state, and the output speed is held at the level it was mmagnetek the time the HOLD command was input. When the external speed search command is closed, the base is blocked for the min.

Yaskawa / Magnetek GPD 515/G5 Sine-Coded Pulse Width Modulated AC Motor Drive

A Output Voltage [Monitor Item] The following information used in the calculation formulas is usually listed on the motor nameplate. This experience, combined with backgrounds in engineering and education, has earned national recognition for our technical training programs. Up to 32 parameters may be programmed.


Disabled operation continues 1: For a more complete determination of control method, consult factory. Pressing this key will display the top level of the menu ypd-515 for selecting and reading parameters.

Magnetek GPD 515 Repair

During zero-servo, the multi-function output will be closed ON until the number set into b 9 – 0 2 has been completed. NOTE Follow the same adjustment procedure for other desired frequency setpoints.

Torque Reference Delay Time Factory setting: Operation Method Selection H 1 – 0 3 thru H 1 – 0 6: Ramp to Stop 1: When the drive is running, the JOG key will have no effect on drive output. The pulses can be checked after they have been processed by the PG-X2 card or at the motor.

Filters should have a solid connection from filter ground terminal to the cabinet ground point. Ground fault Overvoltage UV1: If motor synchronous speed exceeds RPM, display holds at ” 3 9 9 9 9 “.

Factory settings in the parentheses are values obtained at a 3-wire initialization. A A Appendix 5. Remote Mount Resistor Kagnetek typically mount outside of an electrical enclosure.


Yaskawa Magnetek GPD Gpdc-b Spec 40p71f 2 HP Drive 3ph v | eBay

Either d setting value or analog input, whichever is greater, becomes effective. Observe the following precautions: Output Voltage Limit Factory setting: Our highly trained technicians are extremely familiar with performing Magnetek GPD repair and have attended factory training classes for these ggpd-515 products, including classes for the Yaskawa and Saftronics labeled versions.

Parameter F 1 – 0 3 determines the stopping method when an overspeed fault o S occurs.

Speed Limit Selection Factory setting: If oscilloscope is used to measure high voltage waveforms, use only a dual channel oscilloscope in the differential mode with X probes. A fault indication is displayed when the fault relay has been tripped. Extending the processing time can help prevent erratic performance of the drive. To display Line Speed, based on When b 8 – 0 3 is set to a 1, a multi-function contact input is n o t required to activate energy saving mode.