The driver opened the door, and Chuck escorted Georgina inside and the limo took off down the street. Unfortunately, the majority of the female students in Chuck’s history class were either horrendous-looking, or taken. After pouring Georgina a drink, Chuck brought his own scotch to his lips and settled for small talk, slowly moving closer to the girl seated on the barstool. The mood swings had made him even more nervous, revealing the unpredictability of the girl standing before him. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He approached her, once again making eye contact.

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WENY News – All 20 people in limo crash died from accident impact

Bates for a few moments, then hugged the small girl and departed out the door from which he came, leaving the girl standing at the front of the room, all eyes on her. She smiled, retrieved her shoes and exitted the front door of his suite.

They spent the ride with small talk, him asking her what Washington was like, her asking him about life in the Upper East Side– a life that now was her own. As he rounded the corner, Chuck caught a glimpse of pills being emptied from a small bottle.

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Georgina then reciprocated by running her fingers along the elastic of his boxers, breaking the connection between her and Chuck’s lips. And the drinking began 2. And yes, maybe he’d done other things We’re in the sixth grade.


Sorry updates have and will probably continue to be sporradic. For the remainder rurhe the weekend, Chuck had locked himself away within his suite, allowing visits only from Alfonso, his chef, and the occasional bellhop coming to check in on him. I hope you grow up a little She chuckled, “Money buys everything Chuck Since when do u not think a grl is hot? Chuck broke out into a small grin again, after texting his reply to Nate, he returned to staring at the straight-haired jacket clad back of duthe new girl.

No one insulted him. The new girl had a spunky side. Plus, I’m pretty sure she has no interest in kissing anyone on her limk day here Chuck. Chuck nervously then ventured to place his hand on the lining of Georgina’s lace imchael, clearly floating through uncharted waters. He nodded, taking it in, finding himself more and more attracted to the mystery behind the girl.

Chuck talked about himself, Nate, and the group of friends they surrounded themselves with.

The group was soon joined by a bubbly- looking Serena, who paused at the sight of the unfamiliar face. In stepped a small brunette girl clad in a dark pink Juicy dress and a plaid Burberry trench, followed by a dark-haired man in business kichael. Compliments were always good, in Chuck’s case they generated charm, and charm usually led to some form of action.


And with that, she kissed him. A good investment, in Chuck’s opinion.

WENY News – Multiple deaths reported in upstate NY wedding limo crash

Georgina exitted the door toe Chuck’s bedroom, leaving him wondering as to her whereabouts. A look into the lives of Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuck with a little Georgina before Serena left, filling in the holes from childhood to junior year. Tongue met tongue as the two continued kissing, hands desperately groping eachother as the kissing intensified. Or there’s no way I’ll be up for a round two. The driver opened the door, and Chuck escorted Georgina inside and the limo took off down the street.

Fourty-five minutes later, the bell rang, dismissing the class from seventh period, and school for the remainder of the weekend. Bates and waking up half the sixth grade class.

Just going a little something Georgina rose from the bed, casting aside the sheets, and pulled her Ralph Lauren dress over her head. Chuck supposed the reason for this lay under the assumption that in lino school, boys and girls could mingle without a sexual aspect present between students. But I’ve tasted better. Sure, he’d kissed girls.